Monday, February 13, 2012

God's Small Ministrations (Ether 3:18)

This is going to be a really short, but really happy post. First of all, I just want to thank you all for the overwhelming amount of sharing that has been done with my last post, "Grace and Godly Sorrow." In the one week since I wrote it, it has sky-rocketed to quickly overtake "Love thy Neighbor" as my most read post of all time! That was quite a surprise. Thank you all for the loving emails of support you've sent my way. I love you all so much!

So, as I said, this is going to be a really short and simple post. I ran across an absolutely touching verse yesterday in Ether 3:18, which says:

"And he [Christ] ministered unto him [the brother of Jared] even as he ministered unto the Nephites; and all this, that this man might know that he was God"

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Moroni was struck with the same sense of awe as he wrote this verse that I am struck with while reading it. Moroni reflects back on the story from 3 Nephi, recorded by his father Mormon, and how the Savior there came and ministered personally to a large multitude of people. And now here He is again taking the time to minister, but this story takes place 2000+ years earlier on a mountain to a single individual. God loves the Brother of Jared enough to minister to him very personally here.

In reading this short but very sweet verse, I was reminded of the many times and ways that my Father has chosen to make Himself known to me throughout my life. Sometimes it is while I am at Church, among others--like the Nephites and Bountiful. Other times, it is a very personal one-on-one experience, even as the Brother of Jared had. But He DOES minister to us. Many times it is in the realization of tiny blessings that He can be found. Look carefully at your circumstances each day, and I'll bet you'll be surprised how present He is.

I know God lives. I know He loves me. I know He loves you. He wants to minister to you, but you must let Him, and often must first call upon Him. Let Him help you, and look for Him carefully each day.

My Best,



  1. LOGIC: Giving credit to Grace is fine, as long as the proper credit of Grace is given to the person giving it. We often give credit to God when we've done many thing ourselves. We are told to give thanks in all things; I agree - I thank myself that I was gifted with a brain to help myself. Then I give the rest to the powers that be.

  2. Such a beautiful moment in my day....thanks for your amazing humble & sweet attitude. Much love to you....Larry J.

  3. Anonymous: I do agree that obviously we ourselves and others in our lives can contribute wonderful things to each other. I guess I don't see though how that contradicts the wonderful miracle of God's ministrations to us. I also wonder why you thank yourself for your brain. Did you gift it to yourself? I guess what I'm trying to say is that while we certainly are capable of great good that is worth applauding, I'd say we more often tend to credit ourselves for what God has done than vice versa. Just my thoughts.

    Larry: Thanks for your kindness and for reading. :)


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